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about me

Owner and founder, Felicia Wong

Felicia wong

founder + creative director


I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I started baking in high school, and I guess I've always had an interest in it. After high school, I went to law school, studied and lived in Japan for a year, and decided law wasn't for me. That, and within a couple of years of graduating, I got married to a Canadian and moved to Montreal, Canada.


What never left me was my sweet tooth (a bit hard when its embedded safely in my mouth). After planning and executing most of my wedding myself, my passion for design also surfaced. After baking for family and friends in Montreal, and repeated encouragement to 'start something', here I am. I'm completely self-taught (with the initial help of many YouTube vids and experiments), and over time, have developed a love for modern, contemporary cake designs, with a focus on sugar flowers.


I'm a strong believer in life-long learning, and so, in my free time, I love to explore other forms of creative expression, from fresh flower arrangements, to macrame, to drawing, in order to continually feed my creative soul, and to be an innovator in my field.

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